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 Minutes of JMC Council Meeting

9th June 2005




Bernard Silverman           Chair

Sue Sanders                    Honorary Secretary

Adrian Oldknow               Honorary Treasurer


Dave Miller                     Association of Mathematics Education Teachers

Barbara Ball                    Association of Teachers of Mathematics

James  Nicholson              British Congress on Mathematical Education

Ken Ruthven                     British Society for Research into the Learning of

June Barrow-Green          British Society for the History of Mathematics

Andrew Osbaldestin         Conference of Heads of Departments of

Mathematical Sciences

Colin Campbell                 Edinburgh Mathematical Society

David Youden                   Institute of Mathematics and its Applications

Peter Cooper                    London Mathematical Society

Barry Lewis                     Mathematical Association

Gillian Thumpston             National Association of Mathematics Advisers

David Martin                   National Association for Numeracy and Mathematics in

Gerald Goodall                 Royal Statistical Society


Diana Coben                    Adults Learning Mathematics

Karen Spencer                 Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education

Tony Holloway                 Awdurdod Cymwysterau, Cwricwlwm ac Asesu Cymru (The
                                       Qualifications, Curriculum and Assessment Authority for

Nicky Rutherford            DfES

Duncan Lawson                 Higher Education Academy

Roger Porkess                  Mathematics in Education and Industry

George Paterson               Operational Research Society

Lynn Churchman               Office for Standards in Education

Pam Wyllie                      Qualifications and Curriculum Authority

Nick Von Behr                 Royal Society

Margaret Brown              SMP

Graham Smart                 The Strategies

Bill Richardson                United Kingdom Mathematics Trust

Other members

Peter Saunders


Celia Hoyles                    Chief Advisor for Mathematics, DfES

Debra Dance                   DfES




1.    Apologies

Alf Brown (Teacher Training Agency) and those listed in 2


2.    Welcome to new representatives, alternates and visitors

New representatives:

Barbara Ball as the new ATM representative

Duncan Lawson as the new HEA representative

Barry Lewis as the new MA representative

James Nicholson as the BCME representative

George Paterson as the new ORS representative


Peter Cooper as alternate for Brian Stewart (LMS)

Ken Ruthven as alternate for Ros Sutherland (BSRLM)

Graham Smart as alternate for Linton Waters (The Strategies)

Pam Wyllie as alternate for Alice Onion (QCA)

David Youden as alternate for Nigel Steele (IMA)


Celia Hoyles (Chief Advisor for Mathematics, DfES)
Debra Dance (DfES)


3.    Minutes of the meeting of February 8th 2005

Correction: Present Members BSRLM – ‘Ros Sutherland’ should read ‘Keith Jones’



4.    Matters arising from the minutes

Letter to Ruth Kelly will be sent following further discussion when timing is more appropriate.

16th February 2006 discussion - ‘Subject Leadership’ - follow on from the Scottish Mathematical Council (SMC) paper ’The Future of Mathematical Education in Scotland’



Sue Sanders to send letter to Ruth Kelly

5.    Reports from Executive

i)                   Chair – constitution change for 1 November AGM to include Vice Chair which could be held concurrently with Honorary Secretary or Honorary Treasurer

ii)        Secretary – nothing further to report

iii)              Treasurer – nothing further to report

iv)               Chair of Nominations Committee – one person has been put forward for a QCA panel






6.    Discussion with Chief Advisor for Mathematics
   (England) Celia Hoyles

Opportunity for the Chief Advisor for Mathematics to inform and ask questions of JMC, and for JMC to inform and ask questions of the Chief Advisor for Mathematics


7.    Report from ACME (Karen Spencer)

Paper as submitted.

JMC suggests that, in order to enhance its credibility and in line with general good practice, ACME should reconsider the appointment procedure for new members to bring in more externality and transparency.   It suggests that the selection procedure should not involve retiring members, or very recent former members, of ACME, and that present ACME members should not be in a majority on the selection committee.  External selection committee members could well be drawn from, or appointed along the same lines as, the proposed Review Committee.

13th October ACME led Conference on Post 14 Mathematics. JMC contacts David Martin and Diana Coben

Mathematics organisations to put themselves forward to participate in ACME Mathematics in FE investigation. 








Karen Spencer to contact David Martin and Diana Coben
All names to Karen Spencer

8.    Working Parties (Adrian Oldknow)

CPD Working Party completed work set with thanks and now brought to a close (final report on JMC website)


9.    Members Item (David Martin)

Paper as submitted

David Martin to gather responses to

1)                How worthwhile have the following inquiries been?

                                                          a.      Information about our organisations

                                                          b.      Moving Together

                                                           c.      JMC Network and Relationship

2)                What useful questions remain unanswered?

3)                In what ways do we wish to develop the Reports from Members item?



All send responses to David Martin


10.   Standing Committees

BCME summary report presented. An excellent event. James, committee and all those who took part thanked. We welcome a pattern of BCME every 4 years at Easter from 2010 onwards. Bernard Silverman to write a letter to mathematics organizations stating that JMC had identified a possible pattern of BCME at the Easter midway between ICMEs which can only go ahead if we have the full support of a range of mathematics organizations, particularly the ATM and MA prepared to support such a conference as the major mathematical education event of that year. Reponses from mathematics organizations by 1st November 2005 meeting.



Bernard Silverman
to write a letter to mathematics organisations

11.   Higher Education (Peter Saunders) – verbal report given.


12.  Teacher Education (Dave Miller) – paper as tabled


13.     International Affairs (Sue Sanders)

i) Update (paper submitted)

ii) Award Nominations

Three people nominated. Sue to contact those who have made nominations to form three nominating groups who will complete and submit the nominations.



Sue Sanders to email nominating persons

14.     JMC Website (Bill Richardson and David Martin)

David Martin, in his role as minuting secretary is now responsible for this.

Email David Martin purpose and audience of JMC website and ideas for updating

Sue Sanders will send out instructions for naming of papers




All to email David Martin re JMC website

Sue Sanders to send out naming of papers instructions

15.     Update on current developments

i)                   TTA (paper submitted)

ii)                QCA (Pam Wyllie – paper submitted)

iii)              ACCAC (Tony Holloway – paper submitted)

iv)               OFSTED (Lynn Churchman – papers submitted)

v)                 The Strategies (Graham Smart - paper submitted and tabled)



16.  Dates of future meetings

i)                   Tuesday 1st November 2005 at 11:30   immediately following AGM at 11:00

ii)                Thursday 16th February 2006 at 11:00

iii)              Tuesday 6th June 2006 at 11:00

iv)               Thursday 9th November 2006 at 11:30   immediately following AGM at 11:00

Discussion items

  • November 2005 – ‘ACME role and work’
  • February 2006 - ‘Subject Leadership’ - follow on from the Scottish Mathematical Council (SMC) paper ’The Future of Mathematical Education in Scotland’
  • June 2006 – ‘Mathematics In Higher Education’


17.      AOB




Discussion item

The White Paper on 14-19 Education and Skills led by Nicola Rutherford, DfES.