JMC Logo Joint Mathematical Council of the United Kingdom


 Minutes of JMC Council Meeting

8th February 2005




Bernard Silverman           Chair
Sue Sanders                     Honorary Secretary
Adrian Oldknow                Honorary Treasurer


Dave Miller                        Association of Mathematics Education Teachers
John Hibbs                        Association of Teachers of Mathematics
James  Nicholson             British Congress on Mathematical Education
Ros Sutherland                 British Society for Research into the Learning of Mathematics
June Barrow-Green          British Society for the History of Mathematics
Andrew Osbaldestin         Conference of Heads of Departments of Mathematical
Colin Campbell                  Edinburgh Mathematical Society
(James Nicholson)            Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
Peter Saunders                 London Mathematical Society
Bill Richardson                  Mathematical Association
Gillian Thumpston              National Association of Mathematics Advisers
David Martin                       National Association for Numeracy and Mathematics in Colleges
Gerald Goodall                  Royal Statistical Society


Diana Coben                    Adults Learning Mathematics
Karen Spencer & Nick Von Behr        Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education
Tony Holloway                  Awdurdod Cymwysterau, Cwricwlwm ac Asesu Cymru  (The
                                           Qualifications, Curriculum and Assessment Authority for Wales)
 Nicky Rutherford             DfES
Michael Ling                     Mathematics in Education and Industry
Lynn Churchman              Office for Standards in Education
Alice Onion                      Qualifications and Curriculum Authority
Nigel Thomas                   Royal Society
Paul Scruton                     SMP
Linton Waters & Tim Coulson            Strategies
Alf Brown                          Teacher Training Agency
(Bill Richardson)              United Kingdom Mathematics Trust


Celia Hoyles                                              Chief Advisor for Mathematics, DfES
Sue Merchant & George Paterson         Operational Research Society
Chris Kyriacou & Maria Goulding           EPPI Mathematics Education Review Group and
                                                                    University of York



1.    Apologies

as listed in 2


2.    Welcome to new representatives, alternates and visitors

Guests Sue Merchant and George Paterson from the Operational Research Society and Chris Kyriacou and Maria Goulding from EPPI Mathematics Education Review Group and University of York

Karen Spencer as the new ACME representative

John Hibbs as alternate for Barbara Ball (ATM)

Keith Jones as alternate for Ros Sutherland (BSRLM)

James Nicholson as the representative for BCME and alternate for Nigel Steele (IMA)

Michael Ling as alternate for Roger Porkess (MEI)

Paul Scruton as alternate for Margaret Brown (SMP)

Tim Coulson in addition to Linton Waters for Strategies

Thanks to the following for their service on JMC

Peter Lacey (ATM)

Nicky Rutherford (DfES) at this, her last, JMC meeting


3.    Minutes of the meeting of November 2nd 2004




  1. Matters arising from the minutes

Letters to Territories. Response from Scotland. Welcome specific questions to ask other Territories.

The two page summary of the International  Review for schools will be found on the papers website.


All to think of specific questions to ask each Territory. Email Sue Sanders with ideas

  1. Reports from Officers

i)         Chair

a.   Sir Peter Williams, Chair of ACME, will be present at our June Council meeting to initiate and participate in discussion on JMC working relationship with ACME under the title ‘ACME role and work’.

b.   Report of Chair of Nominations Committee to be included in Reports from Officers agenda item. Nominating process: Committee proposes person and executive appoints, normally with unanimous support though certainly without opposition. If, in the unlikely event, a nomination is unresolved then executive to bring to Council. Nominating committee to be announced by Executive at each AGM for the following year.

ii)        Secretary

           Papers will be made available via the JMC papers website.

 iii)      Treasurer

a.   All surplus donations for ICME 10 from Trinity College, The Royal Society and The London Mathematical Society have now been returned.

b.   One organisation has still to pay their subscription. – this is being followed up.

 iv)              Chair of Nominations Committee

a.   Nominations Committee is Gerald Goodall (Chair), Margaret Brown, Andrew Osbaldestin, Bill Richardson and Ros Sutherland.

b.   Executive have identified that we do not have anyone on the Nominations Committee directly involved in FE. Seek recommendations from Council for FE person. 

c.   It was agreed that some of the Nominations Committee could be non Council members.

d.   The Nominations Committee offered advice and agreed with the name Cheryl Praeger going forward for an ICME committee.












 Sue Sanders will email location of JMC papers website







All email Sue Sanders with recommendations for FE person on Nominations Committee

  1. Discussion with Chief Advisor for Mathematics (England) Celia Hoyles

Opportunity for the Chief Advisor for Mathematics to inform and ask questions of JMC, and for JMC to inform and ask questions of the Chief Advisor for Mathematics



  1. Report from ACME (Karen Spencer)

Paper as submitted. Thinking about future projects.

ACME reports to JMC to be proactive in seeking JMC input e.g. into the direction ACME should go. The reports might well include items for discussion at the JMC meeting to which they were presented.




Karen Spencer to develop ACME reports

  1. Operational Research Society (ORS Sue Merchant and George Paterson)

Presentation including ‘What the OR Society is’ and the ‘Benefits of working together’.


Following members only meeting ORS admitted to JMC as Observers

Sue Sanders to add ORS to contact list of observers

  1. Working Parties

Report from CPD Working Party (James Nicholson)

Paper as submitted

Working Party to continue to investigate

  1. A common framework for CPD for all involved in the teaching and learning of mathematics
  2. JMC organisations offer to National and Regional Mathematics Centres





Adrian Oldknow to convene working party

  1. Members Item (David Martin)

Paper as submitted

David Martin to gather responses on discussion paper ‘JMC Network and Relationship’ for the June meeting




All send responses to paper to David Martin

  1. Standing Committees

BCME. Report on planning for BCME 2005 (James Nicholson) report submitted. 350 full registrations.  Encourage members of organisations to apply for BCME6.  Position paper now arranged for June meeting following BCME6 event.  



All to encourage BCME6 participation BCME to produce position paper for June meeting

  1. Higher Education (Peter Saunders) – verbal report given.



  1. Teacher Education (Dave Miller) – paper as submitted

JMC Response to Langlands Gateways to the Professions report consultation questions

Working party set up by JMC with Dave Miller and Keith Jones (with power to co-opt two others) to draft response. Council to agree (but not nit pick) response.




Dave Miller and Keith Jones to form Working Party to respond to Langlands

  1. International Affairs (Sue Sanders)

UNESCO Experiencing Mathematics exhibition – not booked for the UK yet see

Need for initial funding to investigate feasibility of UK hosting future ICME. Bernard Silverman (Keith Jones to draft) JMC letter to Government seeking commitment of funds over the next few years towards ICME12/16 hosting bid. cc Alice Onion




Bernard Silverman (Keith Jones
to draft) JMC letter to Government on ICME funding.

  1. JMC Website (Bill Richardson)

 Website little change



Sue Sanders to email re views on contact information held

16.        Update on current developments

i)           TTA (Alf Brown - paper submitted)

ii)          QCA (Alice Onion – paper submitted)

iii)         ACCAC (Tony Holloway – paper submitted)

iv)         OFSTED (Lynn Churchman – papers submitted)

v)          The Strategies (Linton Waters – papers submitted)




  1. Dates of future meetings

i)       Thursday 9th June 2005 at 11:00

ii)      Tuesday 1st November 2005 at 11:30   immediately following AGM at 11:00



  1. AOB




Discussion item

The impact of daily mathematics lessons in Key Stage 1  Chris Kyriacou and Maria Goulding EPPI Mathematics Education Review Group and University of York 

EPPI-Centre (The Evidence for Policy and Practice Information and Co-ordinating Centre is part of the Social Science Research Unit (SSRU), Institute of Education, University of London)

(paper submitted – full review at