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 Minutes of JMC Council Meeting

9th February 2004




Bernard Silverman           Chair
Sue Sanders                    Honorary Secretary
Adrian Oldknow               Honorary Treasurer


Dave Miller                       Association of Mathematics Education Teachers
Peter Lacey                     Association of Teachers of Mathematics
Ros Sutherland                British Society for Research into Learning of Mathematics
David Stirling                   Conference of Heads of Departments of Mathematical
Colin Campbell                Edinburgh Mathematical Society
Lucy Allen                         Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
Peter Cooper                   London Mathematical Society
Bill Richardson                 Mathematical Association
Gillian Thumpston            National Association of Mathematics Advisers Inspectors
                                          and Consultants
David Martin                    National Association for Numeracy and Mathematics in
Gerald Goodall                Royal Statistical Society

Co-opted Members

Derek Woodrow
Celia Hoyles                    Advisory Committee for Mathematics Education 


Diana Coben                   Adults Learning Mathematics
Nigel Thomas                  Royal Society
Roger Porkess                Mathematics in Education and Industry
Richard Browne              Qualifications and Curriculum Authority
Margaret Brown              SMP
Graham Smart                Strategies
Nick Von Behr                 Advisory Committee for Mathematics Education
Joe Kyle                           Learning and Teaching Support Network
Alf Brown                         Teacher Training Agency




1.  Apologies

Apologies were received from:

June Barrow-Green    British Society for the History of Mathematics
Janet Dallas              DfES
Lynn Churchman       Office of Standards in Education
Tony Holloway           Awdurdod Cymwysterau,
                                Cwricwlwm ac Asesu Cymru
                                (The Qualifications, Curriculum and Assessment
                                Authority for Wales)



2.  Welcome to new representatives

Peter Cooper acting as alternate for Peter Saunders
Diana Coben from Adults Learning Mathematics
Richard Browne acting as alternate for Alice Onion



3.  Minutes of the meeting of 14th November 2003




4.  Matters arising from the minutes

Need for someone to take minutes for both Executive Committee and Council meeting. Chair sought a volunteer from representatives present or from their organisations who could be co-opted to take minutes. Discussion ensued on content of minutes. Minutes to record simply the decisions made and the action points. If the discussion leads to a resolution then a summary of the key points needs to be minuted. The Chair  added later in the meeting that verbal reports will be minuted simply as ‘verbal report given’ unless a summary is submitted by email. The shorter minutes required may resolve the issue with minute taking.


David Martin to take minutes today


5.  Reports from Officers

i)          Chair – discussion on start time. The start times of the next two meetings were fixed for 11:00 (with coffee from 10:30). Meetings in the future with shorter programmes could start at 11:30.

ii)          Secretary – nothing to report

iii)         Treasurer - All but one subscription in (2nd reminder sent out for this). Thanks to all



6.  Report from ACME (Celia Hoyles)

Report as submitted. Chair expressed thanks to ACME.

JMC would support ACME’s aim for sufficient lead time for the recruitment of new members.


7.  Reports from Members

i)           Royal Statistical Society (Gerald Goodall). Report as submitted. RSS has included a careers section on its won website as well as contributing to  the CMS project. Peter Cooper reported that some funding had been  secured for this project.


8. Standing Committees

i)           BCME report on planning for BCME 2005 (Joe Kyle). Report as submitted. Note: website address is

ii)          ICME Report on (Derek Woodrow)

a.   Funding for ICME 2004 – verbal report given. JMC would welcome any support TTA or GTC(E) could give to  teachers.

b.   Proposal for UK to host ICME 12 – verbal report given






Derek Woodrow to  approach societies for members for the proposed planning group.

9.  Higher Education (Peter Cooper) – verbal report given



10.  Teacher Education (Dave Miller) – verbal report given



11.   JMC Website (Bill Richardson)

i)    Website will be updated soon.



12.  Update on current developments

i)     TTA (Alf Brown - report as submitted)

ii)     QCA (Richard Brown – report as submitted)

iii)    ACCAC (Tony Holloway – report as submitted)

iv)    OFSTED (Lynn Churchman – reports as submitted)

v)     NNS and KS3 Strategy (Graham Smart– report as submitted)


New recruitment material for mathematics available on request (

13.  Dates of future meetings

i)       Thursday 10th June 2004 at 11:00

ii)       Tuesday 2nd November 2004 AGM at 11:00 immediately followed
by Council meeting

Sue Sanders to arrange provisional dates for 2005 meetings by email

14.   AOB

i)        JMC role

        a.      Working party ideas

                                            i.      Post Adrian Smith report

1.       CPD

2.     Curriculum

The CPD working party is to be set up. Adrian Oldknow volunteered to lead this working party.

              b. Awareness raising within our membership is to be
                  developed through focused use of Reports from Members.
                  For the June 2004 meeting members are to write a short
                  paragraph (50 words) about their organisation and list
                  questions they would want other organisations to












Action All

Discussion item

“The Vision for Mathematics and Computing Colleges’ role within the mathematics community”: Graham Corbyn, Advisor to the Mathematics and Computing Colleges. Powerpoint presentation available from Hon Sec on request.



 [L1]Suggest flag this as an action point.